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HONE in the simplest sense is designed to do two things; firstly to replace your boiler as your primary heating device and secondly to produce free electricity supply into your building. If you live in Ireland with the lowest light levels in the world, you can typically replace up to 80% of your existing fuel with Daylight. If you live further south than France, you can replace up to 100% of that heating OR cooling load with Daylight as fuel. In addition, HONE Gen 5 also produces electricity which will slow down or stop you importing electricity from the grid; again, all free using daylight as fuel. HONE has no running cost, the only cost is the upgrade itself and from that point on, you are running on FREE Daylight. HONE can be applied to any type property, home or industrial building of any age and any existing heating system such as oil, gas, wood, heat-pump, underfoor, radiators, etc. The COP of a HONE system is greater than 1:300 as it does not require a compressor as in a heat-pump.


HONE is the most powerful "fuel-less" renewable system in the world.



There are significant benefits to owning a HONE FREE Energy system

  • All HONE Heating (or cooling) & Electricity energy comes from Daylight which is FREE and available 12 months of the year
  • Produces FREE Heating, Hot Water & Electricity (& Cooling depending on location)
  • ULTRA Low Energy bills, €100 a year or less in a new build & circa 75%-80% reduction on bills typical in Retrofit
  • The first choice renewable technology for the UK NHS
  • The first choice for nZEB homes in Germany & Netherlands (nZEB = near zero energy buildings (bills)) (nZEB is the EU building standard from 2020)
  • 50 year design life
  • 20 year performance warranty
  • Made from Aluminium (Marine Grade by default)
  • 99C UKAS certified cylinders with 25 year warranty
  • The highest performing & ONLY Nanotechnology Heat Engine in the world
  • Works with any existing heating/cooling systems of any age including radiators
  • Highest Government performance certification worldwide
  • Produces the best payback and savings of any renewable heating technology
  • Full online connectivity for monitoring and maintenance
  • Comfort, Reliability and Quality Assured



The HONE system harvests Daylight during the day. This daylight creates a molecular high temperature heat engine which revolves between the HONE Energy Store and the collection array. The heat is fully stored at high temperature in the Energy Store and can be used for hot water or heating use on demand 24/7.


The electricity layer which is a narrow strip thin film semiconductor harvests diffused Daylight and this causes an electron flow which is fed through an inverter and connects directly to your fuse board. This electricity is used first before you import any electricity from your supplier. If you are producing the same or more electricity than you are using, your electricity meter will stop. This electricity can also flow into your electric car or battery storage system.


It does all this generation seamlessly and invisibly, you simply turn your heating on & off as before when you want it & you have hot water on demand 24/7.


The HONE system is a major advance in Energy Science. Unlike a Heat-Pump which harvests solar energy that has already fallen into the ground (ground-source @ 8C) or in the air (air-source @ minus 10C to plus 20C), the HONE Nanotechnology harvests Daylight from the sky as it falls to earth. This means the HONE system can set its own source temperature which is typically between 60C & 100C. Due to this high temperature, The HONE Heat Engine can use a proprietary molecular high pressure science "instead" of a compressor as in a Heat-Pump. Because of this, HONE has a COP higher than 1:300 versus a Heat-Pump with a COP of 1:3. This makes HONE over 100 times more efficient than a Heat Pump. In addition to a Heat Pump consuming large amounts of electricity, a HONE system uses practically no energy except to control itself and actually produces its own FREE electricity further increasing the COP.


NOTE: As HONE is an all year round boiler source which harvests Daylight, it goes without saying that this makes the need for solar hot water panels for pre-heating hot water in summer redundant..




The HONE system comes with full thermal storage as standard so all the heat energy is stored and can be used 24/7 for both heating & hot water (or cooling if installed) when you need it. This HONE heat energy store is specific to the HONE Heat Engine and replaces the location of your existing hot water cylinder so you usually don't need any extra space.



The HONE system can also be installed with full electricity storage as standard so the HONE electricity energy can be used 24/7 in the home or for charging up your electric car. This battery storage unit can be located in your garage, attic or other convenient location. These additional options can be included in the first installation or added in the future with ease. Regardless, your HONE system will produce free electricity and pump it into your home slowing down your electricity meter from day 1. HONE is compatible with the Tesla Powerwall, Pansonic LJ, Mitsubishi, Mercedes and most other electricity storage devices. HONE is also compatible will all electric cars such as the Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Ampere, etc.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is HONE ?
HONE is a Nano Technology Heat engine which harvests FREE photons of light from the sky. It can be used on domestic buildings, commercial and industrial buildings and processes. HONE is the first and only Photon Harvesting Nanoscience ever developed.
Can I get this technology from any other supplier ?
No, this is a proprietary technology developed and owned by us. It is the ONLY Nano-engine daylight technology in the heating and cooling space. The science has been a long research project covering two decades. It is a costly and time consuming technology to create but its outstanding performance makes payback periods much quicker.
What about Mechanical Heat Ventilation Recovery ?
This is a no brainer in our opinion. With an airtight low energy home, you will need a ventilation system or you will have mould and condensation in addition to potential health issues. If it is properly designed, this invisible system will also manage the space heating for you throughout the building. Don't cut corners on this step, it is key to a great design.
What about under floor heating, I am told this is the way to go ?
Under floor heating is a good idea in some countries and projects but may not suit yours. It is about 4 times more expensive to install than using radiators. Certain countries which have changeable weather should always be careful about under floor heating as it is a storage heater. The concrete slab wrapped around your under floor heating needs about 3-4 hours to warm up and the same to cool down. In places such as the UK and Ireland where you can experience 4 seasons before lunchtime, under floor could be an expensive mistake.

Imagine, it is raining heavily and you have your under floor heating running and then the sun comes out and starts shining in the windows of your nice new house, the temperature will climb rapidly and you won't be able to stop your heating system for 4 hours and all that energy will make your home very uncomfortable for several hours. By using radiators, you can turn your heat on instantly and turn it off instantly; thus using the correct amount of energy and keeping your home at the right temperature. This is worth considering especially if your building has lots of glazing.

Using radiators in a modern A3 or better means only a few slim radiators are needed, typically only 6 in a 2,000 sq ft home and not under any window so your walls are clear. The design considerations have all changed.

What are the main advantages with HONE
The advantage with HONE is that you can reduce your consumption of heating oil, gas or any other heating fuel by up to 100% depending on your location. i.e. you switch to FREE Photon powered heating and hot water production and all you need is overcast cloudy skies or better for it to work. See our performance history web page for daily proof even in December. Also remember, Gen 5 also produces electricity.
Why do you make a sample of your Daylight Powered systems available online LIVE ?
We are not afraid to prove how powerful HONE is and we believe that renewable heating technology should not be purchased on a "promise", hence our motto, PROOF, NOT PROMISES. We put our money where our mouth is when it comes to proof.
What is payback like ?
As you can imagine, the fuel is FREE for life and the technology is very powerful so payback is really quick. There is no need for incentives, grants or other supports to create a great and quick payback. In a new build project, the payback is really fast and your annual heating bills are only €/£100-€/£200 a year in a new build.
What do I need to do to my building ?
HONE works with any building of any age. You can use it with radiators, ducting systems, under floor or any existing heating or cooling infrastructure. You do not need special radiators or other such modifications. HONE is a FREE energy system that works at oil or gas boiler temperatures. The electricity part of HONE Gen 5 plugs straight into your fuse board.
How is it installed ?
The installations are easy and straight forward. A retrofit heating system typically takes 2/3 days and a hot water system 1 day. A commercial system will take longer. HONE systems may not use any additional buffer volume as HONE is a very high temperature technology and interfaces as your boiler does. It all depends on the design.
How is your COP so high ?
The COP is very high as we are harvesting a full spectrum of light and using a Nano-engine to turn that into high volumes of free heating & cooling energy. COP's are typically higher than 1:300 and can go as high as 1:650. There are proprietary technologies we have developed and own which make this possible. The higher the COP, the better the technology.
How have you made such advances over other renewable heat technologies ?
Simple, oil and gas have been so cheap for so long that little or no innovation has taken place for the last 150 years in energy science. Heat pumps were invented in the 1860's and solar hot water panels went on the market first in 1891. Even Solar PV was invented by Becquerel in 1838. These technologies are based on old outdated science. As carbon emissions targets get tougher, new technologies will be developed.
Can I avail of Government Grants and tariffs ?<
Yes, HONE is a thermal renewable technology and the HONE collector matrix falls under the ISO9806 standard and any grants, etc that are issued under that standard which means any thermal panel supports..
What warranties are available ?<
HONE has a 50 year design life and is made from expensive aluminum as standard just like the world's most expensive cars, there are associated warranties with all components.
What type of quality is your products made to ?<
Our product standards are military grade. Picture better than Premium German standards. Our testing is done by TUV Rhineland and we only use aluminum as a base metal. Every component in the whole system is manufactured to the highest standards possible.
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About HONE

HONE is a ground breaking molecular heat engine Technology using advanced Nanotechnology to capture Daylight instead of Sunlight as a valuable heat source. This energy can be used for FREE Heating, Cooling & Electricity Production.

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