HONE Product Warranties

Various Warranties HONE products are state of the art and come with various limited product warranties


HONE TE is our premium solution, the world's highest performance certified Thermal/Electric panel.

HONE T 501

HONE T is our premium thermal & cooling high temperature panel, the 2nd highest certified panel.

HONE E 501

HONE E is our premium electric solution with jet black technology and higher winter/cloudy performance.

HONE Components

HONE systems come as packages with key controls and fitting & mounting systems.

Warranty Detail

Product: HONE TE 501/ HONE T 501/ HONE E 501

This limited warranty policy (“this policy”) is issued by (“Photonomi Group Operations OTB Ltd”) and applies to the products named above “Product” and manufactured by Photonomi Global Group a.r.l. listed in this policy.


Product refers to product purchased by and end user from an authorised distributor and/or dealers with the required installer competency applied to the installation.


Installations where the installer cannot or did not demonstrate minimum installer competency will not be covered by warranty. Installations where the installer did not comply with manufacturer’s instructions will not be covered by warranty.


HONE provides the following limited warranties set forth in this policy subject to the
terms, conditions and exclusions provided for herein.


HONE herby warrants and represents that, 5* (five) or 10** (ten) years from the date of
delivery of any HONE collector to the customer, it shall be free from manufacturing defects resulting in leakage of heat transfer liquid when operating within specified allowable pressure limits, allowable temperature limits and using approved liquids, provided that this limited warranty excludes:


1) To conditions resulting from a failed component or part that is not part of the HONE system or manufactured by HONE.
2) To freeze damage.
3) To conditions resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect, accident, or alteration.
4) To conditions resulting from the introduction of harmful chemicals, caustic fluids, or including improperly applied or maintained heat transfer fluids.
5) To excessive pressure.
6) To conditions resulting from floods, earthquakes, winds, fire, lightning, or circumstances beyond the manufacturer’s control.
7) To installation methods which do not conform to relevant national, state or local codes and ordinances, good industry practices or applicable manuals, diagrams, technical bulletins or written installation instructions; and, to applications other than those authorised.
8) To glass breakage or glass service.
9) To systems without online data connections where required.
10) To systems that don’t meet design guidance.


For a customer to receive any remedies in connection with a breach of this limited warranty, the following conditions must have been met:


1) Customer must provide the HONE Distributor with a detailed photograph of the HONE collector showing the water loss in dry weather plus a photograph of the serial number label.
2) Customer must quote the serial number when making a claim.
3) The installation must have been through and passed commissioning by the installer.
4) The HONE warranty registration must have been completed by the installer within 30 days of the installation completing.
5) The HONE collector must be stored for no more than 90 days and must be made available for inspection to HONE or its designated representatives.
6) To obtain service under this warranty, the owner must first secure written authorization from HONE. The owner shall be required to show proof of purchase.


For the avoidance of doubt:

*Standard limited warranty period is for 5 years on the collector.
**When the collectors are installed by a trained and authorised installer & installed to manufacturer’s instructions, this limited warranty is extended to 10 years subject to the terms and conditions listed.

20 Year Limited Performance Warranty (THERMAL)

All domestic installations involving central heating and all commercial installations are required to be connected into the HONE data cloud subject to the commissioning protocol. (i.e. before filling the system).

For this 20 year limited performance warranty to apply, the following conditions must be met:
1) The installation must be connected the HONE data cloud system.
2) The COP performance data of the installation is documented for the full 20 years.
3) The collectors are structurally intact and in serviceable and good condition.
4) The required service events have been carried out on schedule and by an authorised installer.


25 Year Limited Performance Warranty (ELECTRICAL)

Please note this also applies to the electrical component of HONE TE.

HONE electrical panel product come with a 25 year 80% power output warranty subject to the use and installation according to manufacturers instructions.