Top 5 Most Asked Questions

Why does HONE sound too good to be true ?

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Why does HONE sound to good too be true, surely, it can’t be possible to make such an advance?


Two of the main reasons why HONE may sound like something that is too good to be true are based on 1/ how old everything else is and 2/ HONE is a nanotechnology.


There has been no new energy science since the 1800’s.


Electric Heating (Heat-pumps) are on the market since the 1860’s when they were first used for drying rice. The Carnot cycle used in Heat Pumps to increase efficiency is now over 150 years old.


Solar Hot Water is on the market since the 1890’s when the California Lightbox company launched the first products and are a simple box with a glass sheet using the “greenhouse effect” to trap heat. The greenhouse effect only operates efficiently in sunshine hence the poor performance of solar hot water panels unless you have sunshine. (Click this link to see how HONE works in cloudy weather) (opens new window)


Solar PV was the invention of Edmond Becquerel who invented the photovoltaic effect, the science in a modern Solar PV panel. He invented this in 1839, 6 years before the Irish famine. We also had no telephones, electricity, cars, bicycle, locks, pasteurisation or even toilet paper at this time. The word “scientist” was only invented for the first time by William Whewell in 1834, 5 years earlier.


Just to highlight how long ago that was, the first law of Thermodynamics and the 2nd law of Thermodynamics were first stated around 1850 and it was in the early 1900’s before the 2nd law of Thermodynamics was proven and accepted. The third law of Thermodynamics was developed between 1906 and 1912 by chemist Walther Nernst. The Zeroth law of thermodynamics is attributed to Ralph H Fowler around 1935, a British scientist. Bizarrely, this means that most of the laws of physics based on heat science are newer than all our existing renewable heating technologies (solar panels & heat pumps)


Nanotechnology only emerged in the 1980’s and is one of the world’s most powerful advances in science and engineering.


It is ironic that much of the basic Thermodynamic science laws and developments have occurred “since” these old renewable “products” have been in existence.


HONE is a modern Nanotechnology development, a science only possible in the last 20 years. It is used in many breakthrough products such as Lithium Ion Batteries, (the reason your mobile phone is so small and the Electric Vehicle is possible).


For more technical information on Nanotechnology in Energy, Click Here. (opens new window)


You may be surprised, even shocked at how long ago many of what you may think are brand new energy technologies were invented…


  • 2000BC – Chinese first use coal for heating and cooking
  • 200BC – Chinese use natural gas to dry salt
  • 200BC – Europeans build the first wind mills
  • 32AD – Chinese refine petroleum from oil seepages
  • 1590 – Dutch developed large scale wind mills
  • 1700 – Coal becomes dominant energy source
  • 1712 – First steam engines
  • 1800 – Discovery of the electrolysis process and an important step in the development of hydrogen energy
  • 1812 – First natural gas well drilled in the US
  • 1830 – Ethanol displaces whale oil as primary lamp fuel and is patented by S. Casey in 1834
  • 1837 – First electric car built by Robert Davidson of Aberdeen
  • 1838 – First Hydrogen Fuel Cell created to generate electricity by a Welsh Lawyer
  • 1839 – First discovery of the solar photovoltaic effect in materials, (7 years before the Irish famine)
  • 1850 – Windmills dot the US landscape to pump water and are still in use today
  • 1860 – First Solar powered parabolic collector developed to replace coal fueled steam power
  • 1863 – Heat Pumps enter use and used to dry rice
  • 1888 – First electric Wind Turbine in Ohio produces lighting for 350 lightbulbs and 3 motors with battery storage
  • 1890 – Rudolf Diesel creates the biodiesel engine to run on peanut oil to replace steam engines
  • 1891 – First solar Hot Water collectors launched
  • 1905 – Ethanol goes to war with new petroleum fuels
  • 1908 – Ford launch the Model T flexi-fuel vehicle that ran on 100% ethanol or 100% petrol
  • 1920 – Modern oil and gas boilers developed


  • From 1908 to current day, nuclear power is the only new science created in energy innovation as petrochemical took off in 1906 and killed all energy science

Why is my Energy Rating better with HONE versus using a Heat-Pump?

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Why is my energy rating better with a HONE installation versus using a Heat-Pump. It’s confusing me. The Government are promoting Heat Pump’s as a renewable energy source and that we should all move to Heat Pumps and they barely use any energy, shouldn’t they be promoting technologies like HONE ?


HONE uses daylight as fuel hence it will give you the best energy rating as it’s free and has no carbon footprint. Heat Pumps are electric heating so your energy rating will not be as good as a HONE installation as it will import electricity and still leave a significant carbon footprint.


Your building energy rating penalises you for the use of external energy sources  (electricity, heating oil, gas, turf, coal, etc) and its associated CO2 emissions, it does not penalise you for using energy in the home.


The COP (efficiency) of HONE is over 30 times higher than a Heat Pump on average across the year. With HONE you can measure your COP and KW performance in real-time which is a big question mark over Heat Pumps as they won’t let you measure their real-time performance.


The great thing about HONE is that it uses no fuel to make heat and cooling and even makes its own electricity as well.


The reason the Government want you to install a heat pump is a completely different matter. Most Governments derive significant income each year from fuel duty. The UK in 2019 expects to receive £28.2 Billion on fuel duty. In Ireland this is just under €7 Million EVERY DAY, dwarfing the Garda budget of €4 Million a day.


As part of signing up to Paris agreement, all fossil fuel will be gone in 31 years time and all Governments worldwide need to switch people away from fossil fuel to meet their mandatory carbon targets BUT they don’t want to stop everyone PAYING TAXES which they have become accustomed to.


In reality, no Government is ever going to show you a way to get rid of your energy bills, to them it would be shooting themselves in the foot. What they will do is make lots of noise about the things that are good for Government and drive you towards that.


In reality, you don’t even need a grant to justify a HONE system, it just makes too much energy and is well capable of paying for itself quickly. That can’t be said for everything else. (Note: you get lots of grants in most countries to install HONE)

What type of electrical storage systems come with HONE?

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What type of electrical storage comes with a HONE system, in fact can you explain all the storage aspects?


HONE is all about storage.


When we design the ideal system for your home, (not anyone else’s home but your exact home), we take advantage of your existing fabric and structure.


Firstly, a HONE system comes with a customised HONE energy store for all your heat. This energy store is custom built for each and every home. This heat is then used by you to heat your hot water or your heating on demand 24/7. This means you will have hot water on tap always.


Secondly, we can provide electrical digital storage of any size to store your electricity. We can even take you off grid or start your journey with self-consumption. This means you store all the electricity you make and do not export any. Our Heat, Power & Drive systems come with car charge points so that may be another store option as well. A totally off-grid solution is one where your self-consumption exceeds your demand.


All these systems are automated and state of the art.


Thirdly, if your home has internal concrete walls as most do, then we can do an amazing heat store design using your walls as an additional storage device where the building is kept at 22C all day, and releases the energy at night. You have to experience it to believe it. It turns the coldest of homes into the most comfortable home. It is one of the biggest advantages of a HONE upgrade, pure unadulterated comfort and all the energy is FREE.

I have more questions since I have visited the HONE house?

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Thank you for the excellent visit and the whole experience was a credit to your team, actually visiting and seeing the whole HONE system in a typical home just like mine was just what I needed and the pool of electric cars which I could drive and plug in and test was a fantastic experience. It was great to see it all come together. It is clear to see you guys have a serious operation in Ireland, please feel free to use this comment wherever you want, it is the least I can do after spending 2 hours with me and my wife, and if you could answer my additional questions please as my head is still spinning and I forgot to ask these.


1/ I have a 20 year old heating system and radiators installed. I upgraded to a new condensing boiler a while ago. I looked at a Heat Pump but I would have needed to change my radiators to expensive aluminium ones, will I also have to that with a HONE systems?

A: No, if your existing heating system is still working fine, then you can keep it as is. HONE is a high temperature solution.


2/ I have underfloor heating in a small extension, do I have to change that?

A: No, that’s no problem. We can work with any heat distribution method, even 100 years old.


3/ What do I have to do to control the system?

A: Nothing, it could not be easier, just let the system do what it does, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the free energy, lots of free hot water , heating, electricity and free driving. You house functions exactly as it did before, you turn on the TV, turn on your heating and plug your car in just like you have always done.


4/ I want to see all my data online, what do I need for that?

A: You need to have an internet provider that allows pass through on your internet service which most do. It’s the same as installing home cameras or other devices. If you have an internet provider that does not allow pass through such as basic 3G routers or USB dongles, you will need to change provider or be limited to seeing your data internally in your home. 


5/ What warranty is offered with the system?

A: All HONE systems have a 50 year design life and come with life warranties on generation performance up to 25 years once standard maintenance is carried out. Some warranties are shorter on smaller consumables such as central heating pumps or at 2 years but these typically last 25 years or longer.


6/ What maintenance is required?

A: Maintenance is minimal on the HONE system, a fluid service every 5 years typically and that should be it. This is described as a maintenance free system. There is nothing to do on a daily, monthly or annual basis. As your system is connected to us directly, we can see how it operates and we can can even see your real-time COP & KW just as you can.


7/ How noisy in HONE?

A: HONE uses Daylight as fuel hence it has no noise, it is totally silent.

What if I don't have an electric car, do I need drive?

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What if I don’t have an electric car, do I need drive, why would I consider this now?


The reason why drive is so important is probably on the news every day. Most EU countries have now banned fossil fuel vehicles from 2030. That’s every petrol or diesel cars, trucks, etc, even hybrids have been banned. It is called the tail-pipe ban.


The reason for this is EU non-ETS fines which into force on Dec 31st, 2020 which fine each EU country for all fossil fuel use in buildings, transport and agriculture. This is why Government is so desperate to switch you to electric cars and electric heating (heat Pumps) as these fines don’t apply to electricity. Ultimately, these fines have to be applied directly to the user and France is a great example having just announced taxes up to €10,500 on petrol/diesel cars over 117 grams/CO2/year, that means most Ford Focus cars are caught up in the new eco-tax for example. The Government will have you in an electric car before you know it as they will tax you out of petrol and diesel very quickly.


Right now, most countries are giving grants for standard home car chargers, so you should avail of this as the grants will go away. The biggest driver to electric cars will be the lack of resale value in petrol or diesel cars, it is getting harder each day to sell or trade these cars and depreciation is staggering especially in diesel.


So the good news, one of the big advantages of a HONE system is that you can create all your own car electricity so not alone do you stop paying for petrol or diesel, you actually make the fuel at home. In Ireland, if you pull a horse box or cattle trailer and switch from a Mitsubishi Shogun 4×4 to a Mitsubishi Outlander 4×4 for example, you will save a staggering €2,030 a year on road tax alone, add €3,500 worth of fuel savings on top, no servicing and the savings just bought you the vehicle for free !!


It is also worth noting that electric cars are state of the art, faster than petrol or diesel, more comfortable and stable as the battery lowers the center of gravity.


Another huge advantage with a HONE system, is that while your home car charger while on the national grid may be limited in capacity to 3.5KW unless you upgrade to a more expensive 3 phase supply, a HONE system can be configured at any rating every the same rating as the high speed public charge points.


Imagine charging your Tesla S85 at home on a bog standard car charge point for 24 hours whereas a HONE Heat, Power & Drive system could charge it in just 2.