HONE Residential nZEB homes - Gen 5 (HONE 501)

Revolutionise your life with FREE Heat, Power & Drive from HONE fueled by Daylight

HONE - Delivering the most advanced Energy Efficient HOME's

Exceeding the EU 2021 nZEB New Build Standard easily

A1 and nZEB are easy to achieve with new build even in large homes BUT now you can easily retrofit and existing home regardless of age or build quality. This easily meets the new EU nZEB 2021 standard and overtakes all expensive fabric, passive, solar and heat-pump legacy approaches for a much lower cost of ownership.

How I consume energy matters.

I want to do the right thing for the planet

by ditching fossil fuels, cutting carbon &

greenhouse gases.

I want to live without air pollution.


HONE is the world's most powerful Renewable Technology

What is HONE Residential?

HONE is your own renewable-energy system that provides you with home heating and power. It saves you money and cuts carbon emissions. Post-installation, HONE costs nothing to run and is independently certified for its performance in over 160 countries. It is more efficient and powerful than current renewable technologies such as Solar Thermal, Solar PV, biomass and Heat Pumps. It is 100% clean energy, unlike grid electricity and gas.

FREE Renewable Heating with full heat storage
FREE Renewable Driving unlimited electric vehicle mileage
FREE Renewable Electricity with full electricity storage
HONE Renewable Off Grid FREE heat, electricity & transport forever

HONE makes you free from oil, gas, electricity, petrol and diesel bills forever

Have a look around this superb home upgrade Living a carbon and energy free lifestyle can be very comfortable and rewarding

Why customers install HONE HEAT, POWER & DRIVE Which are the most important for you ?

Carbon/Climate Change The world is in your hands.

I want to do my bit in fighting climate change and reduce my carbon footprint for my home and home and motoring.

Concern... I want to de-risk my future.

I am concerned about future proofing my home-energy and fuel costs against volatile, rising prices, taxes, levies and possible bans on the use of fossil fuels.

Comfort... I want comfort without cost.

I am not achieving the levels of warmth and hot water I want all day, every day.

Cost... Improving my standard of living.

I am spending €3000-€4000 on heating, €1000 on electricity and €3000-€4000 on motoring fuel: totaling more than €7000 a year on energy costs.

Compliance... Upcoming carbon taxes, part L, NZEB.

I am building a new home or renovating and old one. I must meet part L and from 2021 must meet NZEB on new build or retrofit. I'd like to do that now.

Condition... Comfortable and healthy living.

I have a medical condition such as arthritis, asthma, breathing difficulties - or my house has mould or condensation that threatens my health.

HONE is the world's most powerful Renewable Technology

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HONE delivers the world's best energy ratings far exceeding the new EU 2021 NZEB standard