The World's Most Powerful Globally Certified Renewable Energy Panel Technology

HONE Thermal/Electric - Gen 5 (HONE 501TE - GEN 5)

HONE Products

The HONE product suite consists of the main HONE generation elements of a renewable energy system but also the balance of system components such as pipework, mounting systems, controllers and everything required to make a premium renewable energy installation.


Our manufacturing division ensures your distribution and/or projects are met with speed, accuracy and quality all the time.

Aluminum profile

HONE Materials

All HONE systems are uniquely manufactured solely from expensive Aluminium which makes all HONE systems Marine Grade quality by default. Aluminum does not breakdown with time or age and is key to our 50 design life and long product warranties versus competitors. Aluminium is one of the top 2 most recycled materials in the world.


All HONE mounting systems are manufactured with the same materials to ensure all the external components are of the same quality.

HONE Quality

HONE manufacturing quality is second to none. All HONE manufacturing is subject to certified manufacturing systems ISO9001 and Solar Keymark. We were also one of the first renewable manufacturing company’s to achieve the new ISO9806 standard on all of our products.


Under Keymark, all HONE manufacturing is subject to annual audits. As there are several international standards required for global supply, this can result is several product and manufacturing audits a year. HONE is proud to pass these with flying colours on an ongoing basis.

Quality Control

HONE Certification

All HONE products are certified across the globe in over 160 country’s. This certification is carried out by TUV Rhineland GmbH and is an ongoing process of quality and product performance certification.


In addition to standard certification programs, HONE is accredited with many Government Tax Rebate programs and Government Installation and Grant programs worldwide.

HONE Performance

Uniquely, HONE does not consist of a portfolio of panels. There is just a single powerful collector/panel which comes in three configurations. HONE is all about energy and performance. The research and investment into HONE was to deliver the world’s most powerful collector/panel technology. (see the separate performance section for more information on this subject)


The return on investment of a renewable technology is based on two calculations, the amount of energy produced/avoided and the lifespan of the technology. HONE was designed to be best in class in both these categories. It was designed to produce much higher energy returns against any other competitor with an exceptionally long life. HONE has achieved all its design goals. This is why it is called the Ferrari of the renewable industry.

Container Ship

HONE Shipping

Our manufacturing division ships product worldwide to our partners and distributors. We also ship complete systems directly to large commercial projects ensuring quality and the best cost models.


Our shipping from manufacturing is by container only (smaller systems are available for direct shipping from our warehouses and partners) and a door to door service using one of the world’s largest container shipping and logistics providers. A one stop shop for transport ensures the most efficient and fast track process through customs and border checks all organised and managed for you. Simple, Easy and Efficient.

HONE T/E - Gen 5 150 Units - 40ft HC Containers Various Options
HONE T - Gen 5 188 Units - 40ft HC Containers Various Options
HONE E - Gen 5 800/1,600 Units - 20ft/40ft HC Containers Various Options
Balance of System Included Various Options
Mounting Systems Included Various Options