Europe’s / Ireland’s Best NZEB A1 Energy Rated Home

HONE House

HONE House

“This is Europe’s and probably the world’s most energy efficient home. It makes all its own electricity, heating, hot water and provides up to 150,000 km for up to 4 electric vehicles, This means it can even fuel a hungry Tesla with its high speed charging requirement, something a normal house grid electricity supply cannot do. This is the core real-time generation data page and you can scroll back on previous days.”


Welcome to Kiltimagh, Co Mayo, Ireland.


This home has the best energy rating in Ireland & the UK and no other EU database holds an EPC record of a better Energy Rating across Europe.

This means this standard 12 year old concrete home, has achieved a better Energy Rating result that any of the expensive passive and fabric heavy new build construction projects to date in Europe.

“If you are about to spend a fortune on a passive home, masses of insulation, electric heating (heat-pump), triple glazing, etc; you may want to stop and consider a systematic review of your DEAP/EPC – Government’s (Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure/Energy Performance Certificate) profile of your project either a retrofit or brand new build. The Government’s DEAP/EPC which is used to give you a BER/EPC (Building Energy Rating/Energy Performance Certificate) can be used to design your project before you spend any money, remember the carpenters saying, “measure twice, cut once”.


If this home above got a plus (+) for every step of 25 kWhrs/below A1 (below 0 kWhrs/m2/year), then this house would technically be an A1+++++++


“This is a retrofit home with standard walls, windows and doors unchanged from the original construction. It has no electricity connection nor any heating fuel. Daylight using HONE Nanotechnology powers this building completely.” (Read more in our knowledge-base section.)


Everyone of our residential retrofit or new build customers gets a personal tour of this home and as it is located within 10 mins of Knock International Airport [ NOC ], we facilitate many International and local visitors, professionals, educational, Government and normal house owners or future house owners to visit the home.


This home is revolutionising the world and it’s energy systems.


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KILTIMAGH, Co. Mayo, Ireland Current Weather

Battery Storage System – State of Charge (%)

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Electricity Generation and Historical Data

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Heating and Hot Water Generation

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KILTIMAGH, Co. Mayo, Ireland Current Weather