HONE - Verification Data

HONE is a measured and metered Nanotechnology with evidence based metering with unparalleled verification!

Online Data Systems

All HONE systems come with various online LIVE data monitoring as standard. You can see your temperatures, your electricity production, KW production in real-time whether heating, cooling or electricity. You can also measure the COP (Co-Efficient of Performance) of a HONE system in real-time. This all comes free with a HONE system in residential, commercial or industrial installations.

HONE Online Data Access See your data anywhere in the world

HONE allows you to see your system data LIVE on your PC or mobile devices anywhere in the world.

HONE Electrical Output

HONE electricity systems are the most advanced daylight fueled generation on planet earth.

HONE electricity systems are fully automated requiring no home owner knowledge or inputs. HONE thermal/electric systems use nanotechnology to harvest daylight and are the highest certified performance systems globally.

  • The world's most productive renewable technology.
  • Any size of system including fully off-grid systems.
  • All systems modular and scalable over time.
  • Achieve energy independence in heating, cooling & power.
  • Using the world's most powerful nanotechnology.

LIVE real-time Performance anywhere in the world

Monitor your KW output and Co-efficient of Performance in real-time.

HONE Battery Storage

HONE systems are installed with state of the art thermal and electrical storage systems.

HONE storage systems are modular, can be expanded into the future and are the world’s leading storage technology. All systems come with full online management and monitoring systems that work automatically.

  • Achieve NZEB and A-Rated buildings with ease.
  • HONE allows the most flexible architectural design to meet EPBD.
  • The future is distributed generation, make your own energy.
  • Increase your net worth considerably by paying no more bills.
  • Energy independence is not the future, it is the present.

What devices can I see my data on?

You can see your data on any device, PC, MAC or smart phone/tablet once you have internet access at your home.

What can I see from my data access?

With your online data access, you can see your free energy generation, hot water temperature, heating temperature. You can see your electricity production, your electricity storage volume.


You can also control your heating system and your electricity system is fully automatic so all you do is just switch on the lights (even if you have a full off-grid system)

What can I see with my Heat Engine Verify screen?

The Heat Engine Verify screen is a valuable tool in a HONE Thermal system.


It allows you to measure in real-time the actual KW production of your HONE system plus the real-time calculation of your COP (Co-efficient of Performance).


Unlike Heat Pumps, HONE is able to prove in real-time the actual renewable performance, no fact, no fiction, no polished marketing language, just proof not promises.