General Residential FAQ

How does a HONE Heat, Power and Drive system work?

HONE in the simplest sense is designed to do two things; first, to replace your boiler as your primary heating device and second to produce free electricity supply into your building. If you live in Ireland with the lowest light levels in the world, you can typically replace up to 80% of your existing fuel with daylight with a “standard” HONE system. If you go for a custom system (see Ireland’s/Europe’s Best A1 Energy Rated home which has no bills) or If you live further south than France, you can replace up to 100% of that heating OR cooling & electricity load with Daylight as fuel.


In addition, HONE also produces electricity which will slow down or completely stop you importing electricity from the grid; again, all free, using daylight as fuel.


HONE has no running cost, the only cost is the upgrade itself and from that point on, you are running on FREE Daylight.


HONE can be applied to any type property, home or industrial building of any age and any existing heating system such as oil, gas, wood, heat-pump, under-floor heating, radiators, etc.


HONE can also be installed as a large thermal and/or power plant.


The COP of a HONE system is greater than 1:100 on average as it does not require a compressor as in a heat-pump.


HONE is the most powerful “fuel-less” renewable system in the world.


Make sure you check out the case study on the Europe’s best Energy Rated home which makes all its own energy for heating, power & transport for 4 vehicles.

What is included with a "standard" HONE Heat, Power and Drive system?

A “standard” HONE Heat, Power and Drive system comprises everything needed to convert everyday light to heat and power your home and generate free electricity for free motoring in an electric car.


A standard system is deigned to get your home to meet nZEB, the new EU building standard of less than 45 kWhrs/m2/year. This minimises your exposure to carbon taxes due to start all over Europe shortly as part of non-ETS emissions fines on buildings, transport and agriculture.

In reality, all HONE systems are specifically designed for each individual installation so as to meet the needs of that specific project.


A standard installation of Heat, Power & Drive to meet nZEB (A2), it should be worth noting that most of our Heat, Power & Drive home upgrades nearly always meet an A1 Energy Rating…


10 HONE HEAT ELECTRIC PANELS + 20 HONE ELECTRIC PANELS to gather your free fuel, every day.


HONE ENERGY STORE to keep your heating and hot water running, 24/7 even after daylight hours.


INVERTER to run your free electricity whether on-grid or totally off-grid.


HONE CONTROL SYSTEM to manage your system effortlessly & automatically.


LIVE TELEMETRY to see your system running and it’s performance in heating and powering your home.

How is a HONE Heat, Power and Drive system installed?

The system installation process starts every time with an assessment of your energy needs and your homes suitability. This includes a free software analysis , that can be used from our website.


Next a system is specifically designed by our engineers and customised for your home. Over the three days during installation; our engineers affix the HEAT, POWER & DRIVE PANEL Array onto the roof. These are connected to a HONE Control System and HONE Energy Store, replacing the existing Immersion Heating Tank. Telemetry is then added and the System is checked for our Quality Install Team.


Thereafter the System is then commissioned and you immediately begin enjoying a free-fuel heating and power system for your home and a free fuel motoring life with an electric car.

How can I find out if a HONE Heat, Power and Drive system is right for my home?

First check if HONE is available in your area; please visit our home page or call our customer services team. You can use our free home energy assessment software to see if our heating and power system might make financial sense for you. Our engineers will make a detailed on-site assessment to confirm your home’s suitability.

How much does a HONE Heat, Power and Drive system cost?

HONE systems are individually designed for each and every home. This design service is free and part of our quality control process at designing the perfect solutions. We want to achieve an ideal NZEB Energy Rating as per the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2021 objectives.


A HONE standard system to make your new or existing home meet NZEB standard (less than 45 kwh/m2/yr) will reduce your annual energy bills by 80% typically but a HONE system can be designed to remove 100% of all your bills. If you needed proof, Europe’s & Ireland’s Best A1 & NZEB Energy Rated Government Certified home is a 12 year old retrofit with minimal insulation but it has a HONE Heat, Power & Drive system.


The cost of a system varies depending on your design & home but it is lower than any another options such as Heat Pump, Solar or any legacy options.


As HONE delivers the best energy ratings possible and the lowest CO2 emissions ratings, it is clear from this fact alone that HONE must deliver the cheapest energy bills, or even none at all if that is the system you want.


Don’t take our word for it. A home with HONE installed will achieve the best energy ratings in Europe.

How Do I know that the HONE Heat, Power and Drive system does what it says on the tin?

HONE can PROVE this performance on a LIVE management platform covering system installations across the world, something no other renewable heating and power technology can do.

Visit our website and see for yourself , the remarkable real results that HONE customers across Ireland and the United Kingdom and view the worldwide independent performance testing and standards that certify the HONE System.


HONE is the only system in Europe, USA and China to hold both the AS/NZS 4234 and the ENERGY STAR Mark. It has the highest performance result in the world compared to 900 other renewable heating technologies.


It is the highest known certified result per sqm in the world for renewable heating TUV Rhineland to ISO9806, the global standard.

How does HONE Heat, Power and Drive compare to other heating and energy options?

HONE renewable energy is the cleanest and most efficient heating and power technology on the market. Because the system taps into a renewable resource, everyday abundant daylight, your heating and power source will never run out and monthly bills are predictable.


An average homeowner who uses oil, gas, electricity to heat & power the home spends € 2,000-€3,500 typically a year and some €2-4,000 a year on motoring costs- which averages €330- €625 /month.


With a HONE installation, homeowners can expect to pay over 80% less with just a “standard” HONE system. HONE has no running costs. The system is maintenance free.


There are no other renewable energy heating and power systems like HONE.

How is a HONE Heat, Power and Drive system maintained?

HONE Heat, Power and Drive system simply requires changing the daylight conversion tubes in year 7 and the inverter in year 15-25. We can arrange these to be done for you at those times. You’ll also be able to monitor the performance of your system online.

How long will a HONE Heat, Power and Drive system last?

A HONE system has a design life of 50 years. There are no moving parts bar one small pump and the materials used are premium and a HONE system is a premium solution that has zero energy bills.

Is HONE Heat, Power and Drive System available in my Area?

The HONE Heat, Power and Drive system is currently available to qualified homeowners.

Contact us for details of availability in your location.

Are there any grants available?

Yes, most EU countries have grants and rebates available since 2006. You need to check on the current ones.


Important Note: Dec 31st 2020 is the date non-ETS emission fines arrive on each member state. These are fines directly related to the use of carbon in buildings, transport and agriculture. This is the reason there are Energy Labels on cars and homes as they show the CO2 emissions being produced annually.


nZEB laws are coming in across Europe so the grants (carrot) which have been in place for 12 years are being switched to regulation (stick) in 2019. It would be advisable to avail of grants as soon as possible.


To use Ireland as an example, you can claim grants and rebates of €4,400 to €50,000 per home built (planning) before 2nd half of 2006. New homes since 2006 have never been eligible for grant as these home fell under regulations. Electricity Grants apply to homes built 2011 or earlier.


On March 31st, 2019, the new nZEB building regulations will come into force. This also introduces a mandatory energy upgrade for existing homes forcing them to upgrade the whole house if they do works on the property. It is unclear if grants will be required after this as regulation will now force the upgrades on existing homes.

What are my other options?

In the simplest of explanations, all buildings have to be upgraded to meet an nZEB standard. (This is a legal commitment in all EU countries and globally as part of the Paris Agreement to remove all fossil fuel in the next 31 years.)


The 3 options are:


1/ Do nothing and from 2021 pay a carbon tax on your homes energy rating of €70/tonne/year upwards. (€1,300 a year for an typical E1 rated bungulow.)


2/ Apply a fabric first approach, external insulation, excessive attic insulation, new or re-installed windows, electric heating (heat-pump) [will require an upgraded electricity connection in most cases] and will get an E1 rated home to B2. (up to 3 months work with several contractors)


3/ Install a HONE Heat, Power & Drive system, 3 days, quick and easy and make your own free energy. Result, A1 and/or nZEB home exceeding passive and all current new build.


The future regulation of buildings in Europe will require one of the options above to be the norm.