I am a EU Government Accredited EPC/BER Auditor/Assessor...

The best BER's/EPC's in Europe easily !!!

The HONE product suite allows easy compliance with nZEB and namely EPC/CPC/RER compliance. HONE easily meets less than 45 kWhrs/m2/year and typically achieves 10 kWhrs/m2/year to 20 kWhrs/m2/year. HONE is a powerful renewable technology, the world’s most powerful panel technology certified globally. 5.28 sqm of HONE TE typically meets an A1 EPC/BER, less than 25 kWhrs/m2/year.


HONE allows home builders to exceed the standard of EU nZEB building regulations across Europe easily for a lower building cost than using Heat Pumps. Heat Pumps require significant extra fabric upgrades to meet EPC/CPC and RER compliance for nZEB due to their consumption of electricity. HONE consumes zero fuel and actually makes FREE electricity as well as Heating & Hot Water Energy.