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These are all the brochures and datasheets of the HONE generation products we supply and also the ancillary equipment required to complete a full installation are further down the page.


This lists only the large material components required. Please note all our systems are premium quality and this also includes our ancillary products.

HONE Diagrams

There are two main installation methodologies for HONE. One is a heating and hot water configuration and the other is a hot water only configuration.


These are the only two approved installation methodologies for the HONE science process to function. The process can be validated using the online heat engine verify screen after installation. Systems can be installed in either vented or sealed(unvented) design.


These are the standard set of drawings for most types of installation. No variation should be made from these drawings to get the efficiency of the HONE science.


You can contact us for design support if you feel your project is in need of evaluation. Obviously, large scale and commercial projects are all bespoke designs and we can assist in that process.