The World's Most Powerful Globally Certified Renewable Energy Panel Technology

HONE Thermal/Electric - Gen 5 (HONE 501TE - GEN 5)

Product Warehousing

Distribution Opportunities

We are looking for distribution partners around the world. If you have existing experience and looking to add the world’s most powerful panel technology to your products list, then contact us to discuss.


HONE has significant advantages over legacy renewables in addition to performance. We only have one thermal and electrical product, minimizing stocking requirements. Our collectors are fully assembled in our factory and boxed unlike legacy products which come in kit form with endless stocking variations.

HONE Products

The HONE product suite consists of the main HONE generation elements of a renewable energy system but also the balance of system components such as pipework, mounting systems, controllers and everything required to make a premium renewable energy installation.


Our distribution partners ensure you get your systems delivered with all HONE parts required for the installation.


HONE Systems

All HONE systems come with all the main components required. HONE systems operate at very high temperatures and components are designed to much higher specifications than normal solar components.


HONE systems are all high end and premium manufactured parts. We pride ourselves at being at the top end of industry quality.

HONE System Kitting

HONE systems come in all shapes and sizes depending on the application, roof space and budgets. Our local distribution centre’s will prepare a system for you based on your requirements with all the key components required and transport to you.


There is normally some design input to each project to make sure the exact number of parts are available. HONE systems contain glass and are already specially packed for road transport. We can get a system to you no matter where you are located.


HONE Design Support

It’s important to estimate the requirements of your system and we can do that if you provide us information, plans, photos, etc. This would typically involve assessing roof sizes and available space to mount the system but could also be simple advice on what other choices to make such as radiators, underfloor, etc.


This can be done remotely regardless of the country your system will be installed in. It is important to remember that HONE systems make heat, cooling, hot water and electricity energy but do not distribute it. This is the job of your existing heating and electrical systems and HONE can easily integrate with existing systems or new systems.

HONE Installations

HONE installations are essentially a mechanical and electrical installation. We provide mechanical and electrical P&ID drawings and the install manuals you need to complete the install. In addition, we also provide support to installations where needed.


The installation of a HONE system is very simple if instructions are followed. If the installer is experienced in Heat Pumps or Solar Thermal, then installing a HONE system will not be a challenge. Training is available at different times of the year if required.


HONE Deliveries

When you have selected your system, our distribution hubs will get your system delivered to you as quickly as possible. In some country’s, this will be by our very own fleet of vehicles.


You will need some space or a garage to store the system. You won’t need a forklift to unload but you may need some help when it arrives to ensure you can unload it safely and securely.

HONE Heat, Power & Drive System produces Free Heating, Hot Water, Electricity & Car Charging up to 28,000 kms & can be increased)
HONE Heat & Power System produces Free Heating, Hot Water & Electricity for the building
HONE Heat System produces Free Heating & Hot Water
HONE Hot Water System produces Free Hot Water and can be of any size
HONE Electricity Systems System produces Free Electricity and can be of any size.
HONE Battery Systems System stores Free electricity for use when required and can be of any size including off-grid.
HONE Electric Smart Heating Systems System produces Free Heating during the day to heat the thermal mass of the home using free HONE electricity as the fuel
HONE Electric Boilers 4KW to 300KW Boilers that replace Oil or Gas boilers and use free HONE electricity to operate.
HONE Car Charge Points Various from standard to very high speed 22KW at home using HONE Electric systems.