HONE Thermal/Electric - Gen 5 (HONE 501)

HONE Commercial/Industrial - Heating, Cooling, Hot Water, Electricity and more - All FREE

HONE is the world's most powerful Renewable Technology

Climate Change

Everyone has become focused on climate change and carbon reduction in heating, electricity and transport.


Everyone is concerned about future proofing their business energy costs against rising prices, carbon taxes and bans on use.


Everyone wants to achieve high levels of comfort and warmth along with all the heating and cooling they want, daily, all day, everyday.


Business needs to shield itself against energy costs and carbon taxes including on their employees home situation also.


Building or renovating a commercial building will have to meet the new EU NZEB standard to achieve planning or upgrade approvals.


Everyone wants a safe building environment for arthritis, asthma with good air quality and without mold and condensation problems.

HONE Plant Heating

HONE is certified as the most powerful renewable heating technology on earth. With average COP’s in excess of 100, HONE reaches a new level efficiency never before achieved in renewable heating technology.

HONE Plant Power

HONE is a co-generation technology, the only one of its type worldwide. HONE also makes renewable electricity as well as renewable heating at the same time, giving the nest use of space.

HONE Multiple Drive

Your HONE system can also provide up to an unlimited amount of free electric car journeys with all your own self produced energy.

HONE Process Cooling

HONE can produce endless amounts of free high temperature heat which can be utilised for the operation of chillers for cooling and air-conditioning 24/7.

HONE Storage

With a HONE Heat, Power & Drive system installed in your business, we can deploy full storage for heating, cooling and electricity. Storage can simply be added at any future stage to a HONE system.

HONE Independent Plant

A HONE system is unique, there is no requirement for an existing grid or energy services, HONE can be deployed to run a town with heating, cooling and electricity where no grid exists.

HONE Video Tutorial

Watch the HONE tutorial video to see how HONE Heat, Power & Drive can change your life forever.


Converting daylight into electricity, heating, cooling as well as power for an electric charging car park. You get to use the most freely available free renewable fuel – daylight – to run high temperature heating, complex cooling systems, heavenly hot water and on-demand electricity in YOUR BUSINESS……… It’s time to join the revolution..

HONE Professor Photon Tutorial

Watch the HONE tutorial video to see how HONE Heat, Power & Drive can change your life forever.