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HONE - Case Study New Zealand

New Zealand - HONE Heating, Hot Water & Pool Heating combination system.

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HONE Heating, Hot Water & Pool Heating

This installation is a very large residential HONE Heating system, designed to provide heat to the heating system in winter, hot water all year round and pool heating all year round. The system was designed to be one combined system with different heating priorities. The hot water has first priority in the day, then the heating and then the swimming pool. The home has underfloor heating and the swimming pool is approx 100 cubic metres, bigger than many hotel swimming pools.

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What HONE system has been installed here?

The system installed is a large HONE heating system approx 80 sqm. The property is approx 10,000 sq ft in size. We designed it completely based on the input survey, supplied the system and the New Zealand installation team installed to the design. The system was supplied as a complete package. There are 3 energy stores, a hot water store, a heating store and the existing swimming pool.

What was the motivation for the homeowner to do the upgrade?

The homeowner is at the end of a limited power line and hence does not have the amount of electricity available that would be required to run a property of this type. The homeowner also wanted to use free energy to boost the energy footprint of the property. As with most residential homes with swimming pools, heating/hot water and in this case pool heating account for 90% of the energy load.


The home already had a large regular solar hot water system but this suffered from stress joint failure due to the high temperatures it needed to operate at. The homeowner wanted a replacement system designed to meet high temperature requirements. They also wanted the leading technology and the replacement system chosen by the consultants was a HONE Daylight Nanotechnology system where the high temperatures required were normal temperatures of operation for HONE.

Where there any challenges with this installation?

No, this like most HONE systems once designed properly are installed and commissioned easily and designed to function automatically.


Having the HONE systems online means we (and you) can confirm KW output and COP in real-time.

What is the location of this installation?

Queenstown-Lakes District, South Island, New Zealand.

What are the savings expected?

Using a standard HONE Heat, Power & Drive system will save over 80%, this is our default detached house system and of course you can expand it and keep growing it over time.


This property had a big energy deficit as the local utility was only willing to supply a constrained supply due to network limitations. This system is designed specifically  to supply 100% of the annual heating, hot water and swimming pool energy consumption which would average 90% of the total home energy use in a home that is over 7 times bigger than a standard home.