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HONE Case Study - Ireland

Ireland - HONE Heat, Power & Drive (Heat-pump and solar abandoned)

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A1 Energy Rated Home

HONE Heat, Power & Drive System

This installation is a standard HONE Heat, Power & Drive package for a new build home and comes with a built in electric car charger. In Ireland, this HONE package is becoming  extremely popular with the new regulations on nZEB starting March 31st 2019, the banning of tail-pipe vehicles (petrol, diesel, hybrid) from 2030 and the planned introduction of carbon taxes on homes that use fossil fuel. This project was originally designed as an A3 rating with completion due Dec 2018 but the homeowners were concerned it would be out of date with building regulations changing so soon. They switched from a heat pump (electric heating) & solar to a HONE HPD system which uses no fuel. The install cost worked out the same. The big impacts were to their energy rating which is now an excellent A1 and has exceeded nZEB requirements.

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What HONE system has been installed here?

The system installed is a new build HONE Heat, Power & Drive system. It goes on the roof, has some equipment including an energy store in your hot press or utility room but otherwise is pretty invisible and “silent”. This system is designed to provide a significant amount of heat to your heating system, will give you hot water on demand. It provides electricity to your home and you can add storage at a future date (from anyone), and it will provide up to 28,000 kms of free power to an EV. This EV range can be expanded as the customer wishes. In Ireland you will need some small backup in winter and that can be anything including an electric boiler as in this case. The backup heating should be no more than €100 to €200 a year in cost and all the HONE energy is free. The tiny energy costs on the home with HONE installed are the reason the Government certify this home as an A1. (This home has standard underfloor heating, you can use any type of heating distribution system with HONE)

What was the motivation for the homeowner to do the upgrade?

The motivation was very simple. During the course of receiving planning in Dec 2018, the homeowners learned that building regulations were about to change 12 weeks later to approx half of their current carbon and energy footprint. They wanted their new home to meet the new nZEB energy rating so went about looking at how this could be done. The fabric cost to do this would add about 25% more cost if they were to stick with a heat pump so decided to switch to a full HONE system to achieve an A1 without having to re budget for a larger fabric cost. The cancelling of the Heat-Pump and solar system was approx. the exact same cost as the HONE system.

Where there any challenges with this installation?

As this was a new build, there are usually few issues once there is enough roof space.

What are the savings expected?

This is really a comparison between the heat-pump and solar option versus a HONE system:


1/ A Heat Pump doesn’t meet A3 Energy Rating so needs Solar to get it over the line and just about in most cases without huge fabric investments. Annual energy bills will be A3 based and electric heating (Heat-Pump)


(Heat Pump fuel supply: 2018 disclosure on fuel mix for Heat Pump electricity, lreland’s largest electricity provider, Coal, Peat, Gas, other was 71.2% and renewable was 28.8% of the fuel making electricity sold)


2/ HONE meets an A1 or better and has no energy bills, makes no noise, has no moving parts. HONE makes free Heat, Power and Charges your EV for free. Because this home is now an A1 In this country, there are only 44 x A1’s certified in the last 13 years !! at time of writing (the best A1 certified being powered by a HONE system), there is also a significant increase in the value of the property.


It’s a no-brainer which option is the best financially…


In addition, you MUST use underfloor heating with heat-pumps which is quiet expensive to install BUT you can use either underfloor or normal small radiators with HONE and they don’t need to be installed at a window as in the old days.