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HONE Case Study - Ireland

Ireland - Retrofit - HONE Heat, Power & Drive system.

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Exterior view

HONE Heat, Power & Drive system

This installation is our standard HONE residential Heat, Power & Drive system, designed to provide heating, hot water and power (electricity) to the house and car all year round. This home is not off-grid although it can be added to easily in the future to do that. This system configuration represents over 70% of the standard HONE systems that are installed in detached residential properties. The system is designed to fuel your heating system, provide hot water on demand and inject free electricity into the building during daylight hours suppressing your incoming electricity.

HONE energy systems are designed for each unique installation
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What HONE system has been installed here?

The system installed is a standard HONE Heat, Power & Drive system approx 40 sqm. The property is approx 2,300 sq ft in size. As with all HONE systems, it was designed completely based on the input site survey and to integrate with the existing systems. This home had a pre-existing oil fired radiator system typical of homes in this country and this system remains but now only provides top up in the depths of winter. HONE systems do not need existing radiators changed and can work with 100 year old heating systems due to HONE’s very high temperature range. The electric shower was removed as there is now hot water on demand 24/7. This was replaced with a power shower to enhance the shower comfort.

What was the motivation for the homeowner to do the upgrade?

The homeowner had bills for heating in excess of €4,000 a year and that was even with constraining oil usage. The house is occupied 24/7 and clothes are dried on radiators when the weather is wet which happens at all times of the year. Comfort levels were poor as a result and the house was starting to see mould and condensation issues in the plaster work due to the cut back in heating usage. The homeowner wanted to use more energy and increase comfort levels. The decision to do this was by making the energy from a free renewable source and HONE was chosen.

Where there any challenges with this installation?

No, detached house with pitched roof and attic is about as easy an install as they come. This like most HONE systems once designed properly are installed and commissioned easily and designed to function automatically.


Having the HONE systems online means we (and you) can confirm KW output and COP in real-time.

What is the location of this installation?

Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland.

What are the savings expected?

This system is also charging a BMW i3 during the day. The HONE H, P & D system will save 80% of the building energy cost per year but coupled with the car savings because the HONE Drive system is charging the car, the savings are in excess of 120% of the prior annual building energy cost.