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HONE Case Study - Spain

Spain - New Build - HONE Residential Heating via Swimming Pool & Shower Room.

  • Please scroll down to the project FAQ at the bottom of this page for more information on this project.

HONE Heating, Pool & Shower System.

This installation is a special system designed to heat a large pool all year round. HONE can achieve 40C in poor weather in this location in the depths of winter. An additional hot water storage system is heated to provide all showers as the pool is designed to be a heavily used. In winter the pool then acts as the heat source for the building working in reverse and maintaining 21C in the home. This home has no additional heat source except some small electrical heaters for use in severe weather.

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What HONE system has been installed here?

The system installed is a standard HONE Pool Heating & Hot Water System. The HONE system is the only heating system.

What was the motivation for the homeowner to do the upgrade?

The homeowner wanted a complete renewable energy installation which could be managed remotely as this is a holiday home. HONE was selected by the consultants as it was the only systems that passed the specification requirements for free heating.


Where there any challenges with this installation?

This house was a new build, a very simple straight forward project. This project used underfloor heating throughout the building as the pool is the main heat source in winter so the heating system needed to be dense (narrow spacing underfloor) in the floor to deliver heat at low temperatures.

What are the savings expected?

This system is designed to do all of the annual heating, pool heating and hot water annually.