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HONE Case Study - France

France - Retrofit - HONE Family Hotel, Laundry & Hot Water System.

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HONE Family Hotel, laundry & Hot Water System.

This installation was designed to cover the large hot water loads for a busy hotel and laundry to enable the shut down of the existing oil boiler outside of the winter weather period. Any excess heat can go into the heating system but this was designed to stay on the oil boiler. The building has been well upgraded from an insulation point of view.

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What HONE system has been installed here?

The system installed is a standard HONE Commercial Hot Water System. The original oil boiler now acts as a backup if needed in winter. The HONE system is the core hot water system.

What was the motivation for the building owner to do the upgrade?

The building owner wanted to cut oil consumption in advance of carbon taxes, and to clean up the quality of the air around the building during peak season. In addition, substantial energy savings will be achieved and the small hotel can also go forward for environmental recognition awards.

Where there any challenges with this installation?

This house was a retrofit, a very simple straight forward project. The existing system was left in situ and the HONE system integrated easily.

What is the location of this installation?

Salles-Curan, Aveyron, France.

What are the savings expected?

Approx, 90% of the buildings energy consumption was in Spring, Summer and Autumn as determined by a professional study and this was identified as hot water for a busy laundry and hotel hot water services.