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HONE Case Study - Sweden

Sweden- Retrofit - HONE Heating & Hot Water System.

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HONE Heating & Hot Water System.

This installation is our standard HONE residential Heating & Hot Water System, designed to provide heating & hot water to the house all year round. In this location the HONE system will provide nearly all the heat energy required annually due to the weather and the amount of light available in winter. This home is an existing home which makes the installation of HONE very straight forward. The home had a wood pellet boiler and electric heating. HONE is now the primary heat source. This is a holiday home and any solution needed to be controllable remotely.

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What HONE system has been installed here?

The system installed is a standard HONE Heating & Hot Water System. The original wood pellet boiler now acts as a backup if needed. The HONE system is the core heating system.

What was the motivation for the homeowner to do the upgrade?

This type of construction is a typical trade holiday home in Sweden. The owner wanted to find natural way to provide hot water but also contribute to the heating system. This home needs heating on even when no one is staying due to the cold and snowy winters. HONE performs exceptionally well in these conditions.

The advantages for the homeowners are a collapsed energy bill, significantly less cleaning and loading of wood pellet fuel annually in addition to a significant improvement in air quality around the house.

Where there any challenges with this installation?

This house was a retrofit, a very simple straight forward project. This project used radiators throughout the building with a large volume hot water cylinder. The existing system was left in situ and the HONE system integrated easily.

What are the savings expected?

This system is designed to do a lot of heating and will keep the house at 16C when unoccupied. When someone visits, it is switched into a different mode to raise the temperatures for heating & hot water.