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HONE Case Study - Namibia

Namibia - Retrofit - HONE Heating & Hot Water System.

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HONE Heating & Hot Water System.

This installation is our standard HONE residential Heating & Hot Water System, but its use is a little non-traditional. It is designed to provide significant amount of hot water 24/7. But it has an additional requirement to provide heating at night when it can get frosty. This is due to the effects of the desert which can pull down the night time temperatures. Homes cannot be insulated as the thermal mass of stone and brick is required to keep the houses cool during the day when it can typically reach over 30C.

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What HONE system has been installed here?

The system installed is a standard HONE Heating & Hot Water System. The HONE system is the core heating system.

What was the motivation for the homeowner to do the upgrade?

The homeowner was worried about future reliability of energy as Namibia has to import energy and specifically from South Africa which is struggling itself. The homeowner wanted to move away from reliance on electricity which is getting more expensive and guarantee their heating was stored and available from alternative renewable resource.

Where there any challenges with this installation?

This house was a retrofit, a very simple straight forward project. This project used radiators throughout the building with a large volume hot water cylinder. The existing system was left in situ and the HONE system integrated easily.

What are the savings expected?

This system is designed to do most of the annual heating which is only at night time for certain months and all (100%) the annual hot water 12 months of the year.