This home is the BEST GOVERNMENT CERTIFIED nZEB ENERGY RATED HOME in Europe. (and probably in the world)

It is not NEW
It is not passive
It is not air-tight
It does not have a heat pump
It doesn't even have that much insulation

It STILL has the same windows, walls & doors it was constructed with 12 years ago!

Home Renovation Case Study Europe's Best Energy Rated Home

Before BER E1

The Starting Point, an E1 Energy Rating.

This home is an E1 (greater energy usage of more than 300 kWhrs/m2/year), effectively by design as it’s only 12 years old, planning approved in 2006. More than 97% of all EU housing stock exists since before this date.


We are now mandated by the EU to meet very challenging NZEB building standards for energy consumption. In new builds, from 2021, all EU new buildings, residential or commercial must be NZEB, less than 45 kWhrs/m2/year. In Ireland, that starts on March 31st 2019, in other EU countries, it varies but the clock is ticking.

Retrofitting existing homes will also have to meet NEW energy standards by default.


See our post in the Knowledgebase on non-ETS emissions


Based on the ESRI recommendations to Government of a Carbon Tax of €70 per tonne would leave this E1 Rated Home with an annual carbon tax exposure of €1,233 by doing nothing !

STEP ONE Achieve A2 NZEB Energy Rating

What Options can get me to NZEB

Do Nothing

Doing nothing means ongoing endless growing energy bills and a significant carbon tax liability arriving very soon.

Carbon tax exposure of €1,233

Deep Retrofit

A deep retrofit means having to reconstruct your house and maybe even move out for a period of time.

Carton Tax exposure of € 297

HONE System

Retrofitting a HONE Heat, Power & Drive system which takes a couple of days, is simple, easy and the lowest cost solution to meet NZEB.

Carbon Tax Exposure of € 173

HONE can decarbonise your lifestyle, see how it works here...

Watch the Video
hone deap assessment

A full complementary technical evaluation to ensure maximum reduction in Energy & Carbon was completed by the HONE engineering team.

The free consultation showed exactly which measures were value for money and which had little benefit. This includes all areas of an upgrade not just HONE related areas such as insulation, chimney upgrades or windows.

  • HONE is only installed on a scientific basis.
  • You see your outcome EPC/BER before you even make a decision.
  • There are various government grants and supports worth 1000's of euros.
  • HONE completely changes your lifestyle and your carbon tax risk & energy costs.
  • Imagine never having to buy electricity, heating fuel or petrol/diesel again.

The Cost & Project Analysis Here’s the complete detail in the options


This is a major upgrade to achieve a B1.

HONE Heat, Power & Drive

This is a much simpler upgrade to achieve an A2 (NZEB).

Success A2 NZEB Energy Rating achieved

A2 nZEB Energy Rating

Success, an A2 nZEB Energy Rating.

This home is now an A2 (energy usage less than 45 kWhrs/m2/year). This was achieved by simply adding a standard HONE Heat, Power & Drive system.


We are now mandated by the EU to meet very challenging NZEB building standards for energy consumption. In new builds, from 2021, all EU new buildings, residential or commercial must be NZEB, less than 45 kWhrs/m2/year. In Ireland, that starts on March 31st 2019, in other EU countries, it varies but the clock is ticking.

Retrofitting existing homes will also have to meet NEW energy standards by default.


See our post in the Knowledgebase on non-ETS emissions



HONE is the World's most Powerful Renewable Technology Save money on your new build or renovation costs Now!

Join The HONE Revolution
Simple! Least Disruptive Best Value for Money End to End Service

STEP TWO Achieve A1 Best Energy Rated Home in Europe

HONE is so Powerful that it can easily turn an old house into the BEST Energy Rated home in Europe without even disrupting your home life!

HONE Battery Storage

100% off-grid home no bills forever

This home decided to go fully off-grid, no bills ever again was the design mandate and that was very easy to achieve with a HONE Thermal/Electric/Cooling system.


HONE renewable technology is so powerful, it can be installed in various design methodology’s. You can choose to go completely off-grid and never have an electricity, heating or cooling bill again. You can also go partially off-grid and use modern electricity storage to use daytime generated energy at night. You can use daytime electricity to charge cars instead of storage. We look at your specific circumstances.


Whatever you choose, you can always add to it and do it step by step. HONE is a journey technology, start the journey and keep adding to it.


Success, an A1 nZEB Energy Rating.

This home is now an A1 (energy usage less than -(minus)158 kWhrs/m2/year). This was achieved by simply upgrading a standard HONE Heat, Power & Drive system with an additional off-grid and vehicle upgrade.


This installation now makes all its own, electricity, heating, hot water & cooling. That means it has no bills forever. This installation is designed to remove all bills associated with electricity, heating, hot water, petrol/diesel for the next 50 years which would equate to savings of over €2 Million. The great thing about a HONE system is that data can be verified.


Retrofitting existing homes or Installing in new homes is simple for HONE.


HONE has delivered Europe's BEST ENERGY Rated HOME!

It makes all its own electricity up to €5,238 per year and all its own heating/hot water up to €2,115 per year.


This HOME has replaced all its petrol/diesel consumption to self produced FREE electricity with a maximum supply of 156,680 km's per year for 4 or more Electric Vehicles!

This HOME can fast charge to any rating required equal to public charge points saving up to €21,935 a year!

HONE car charging

This HOME has made 100% of its own electricity completely free since April 2018, winter & summer.

To Ensure we can prove this, we have kept the electricity account open and paid the rental charges.

Proof NOT Promises

Example of HONE performance on 18/07/2018 - poor weather conditions

LIVE Skycams

We have access to LIVE skycams showing the actual weather at this location.

Cloud Cover Monitor

This is the current cloud cover for the example data-sets below.

LIVE Weather Example

HONE systems can be verified by LIVE data-sets in real-time, this is the weather to show you an example. Overcast, 19C.

LIVE HONE Systems Screen

This screen gives us LIVE data on the full thermal systems, heating and hot water including the performance data-sets. The HONE Heat Engine temperature is showing 87C, all from a cloudy sky.

HONE Nano Heat Engine

This screen is the real-time Heat Engine performance manager, from here you can work out COP and KW production for this system.

The COP of the HONE system right now on this data is 1:449, that is 100 times more efficiency than a heat-pump and the KW rating is 6.2 KW always on. You multiply by 4 to get an oil or gas boiler equivalency (4 x 6.2 = 24.8 KW).

LIVE Electricity Production

This is the LIVE data screen for the electricity production and it is currently in load following mode. This indicates the system is full and easily able to meet any on site demand at the moment.

Case Study FAQ

What system should I choose?

HONE systems come with many different options but all this is made easy by going through a free consultation with our experts.


They will even tell you what your energy rating and bills will be (if any) before you even have to make a decision. It couldn’t be any simpler.

Why choose HONE over alternatives?

People choose a HONE system for the following reasons:


1/ They hate paying bills

2/ They like to make their own energy instead of buying it.

3/ They like making their own transport energy instead of buying petrol or diesel.

4/ They want to achieve an A1 or nZEB rated home. (new build or old retrofit)

5/ They want to avoid the EU non-ETS 2021 carbon taxes.

6/ They want very little disruption during the upgrade.

7/ They want a comfortable home surrounded by clean air.

Can you explain the savings statement above?

This house has substantial metering and monitoring to validate all the savings. These savings are representative of how people live.


All areas of energy consumption are broken down into Heating, Hot Water, Electricity, Car Charging and Water.


There are two values for the period, one is the amount of energy used and the other is the amount of free energy available to use.


The statement shows you how much money you would have spent for the period.


It also shows you the trend on your energy consumption.

Can I sell my electricity, for example to my neighbour or family for electric vehicle charging?

Technically, if they are charging your car on your legal property, (can be outside the front gate), but if they are on your legal property, then you are free to do with your own property what you want.


If you had a work vehicle that was electric, you could brig it home and charge it as well and sell that electricity. We can give you charge points with smart cards for each person using your charge point(s).


NOTE: Legally you cannot trade electricity in lots of countries, i.e. sending a cable over the wall into your neighbour is not legal.

Are there advantages for the speed of electric car charging because you are off-grid?

Yes, absolutely.


Standard home electricity connections are much smaller than off-grid ones and hence restrict the size of car charging devices. This means a basic home car charge point of 3.5 KW rating would take 10 hours to recharge a BMW i3 from empty, this house can recharge the same car in 1 hour 30 mins at 22 KW.


The advantage with your own electricity system is that you decide the limitations.

If I under-use the available energy I have, does this mean I have lost it?

Absolutely not.


When you are not maximising your available energy, your systems go into set back, a form of hibernation. This means you are not clocking up mileage on your generation system and are in fact extending the life of it.


All HONE systems are designed to hibernate automatically and you will never even notice this as it happens all automatically.

What was the homeowners motivation, what did they want to achieve?

The homeowners wanted to achieve  a number of goals.


They wanted the best energy rated home possible without any energy bills. They did not want to go passive as they had experience of this approach and it did not suit their lifestyle.


They wanted a comfortable sizable home where they could use energy at will 12 months of the year. They also wanted to power all their own electric vehicles. They wanted to make all this energy themselves.


In essence this home has a huge energy footprint, with rain showers and large baths, 4 bathrooms and a separate Jacuzzi with private beach. The Jacuzzi runs and is heated 24/7.


The wanted to demonstrate that there does not need to be a link between sustainability and frugality, something they experienced in the previous passive/energy efficiency direction.


They wanted to “up-cycle”  an existing normal house to demonstrate this. If zero to ten was used as a scale of how successful this project has turned out, then it is a 20.