It may surprise you how easy and low cost it is to build an A1 nZEB home once you use HONE as the energy system.

a1 nzeb home

The End Game, an A1 nZEB Home.

From Dec 31st 2020, the new EU building standard is nZEB, (nearly Zero Energy Build), it applies to every type of building, residential or commercial. As carbon taxes are to be introduced in advance of this date across the EU, it is very important that home builders are not just meeting current building standards but the final nZEB ones. nZEB is an A2 in Ireland or A in the UK or less than 45 kWhrs/m2/year.


Achieving nZEB with HONE is both easy and low cost and no other approach can challenge HONE in this regard. In addition to achieving nZEB, HONE actually makes so much energy it also collapses your heating and electricity bills, and can even cancel them out completely.

Retrofitting existing homes will also have to meet NEW nZEB energy standards by default from next year.



Concrete cavity block - 100mm / 150mm / 100mm with bead pumped cavity
Roof with insulation of 200mm foam & 1 layer of superquilt
Whole house Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation
Standard Argon double glazing, 2008 year onwards

HONE "standard" Heat, Power & Drive.



and leaves you lots of finance to spend on the interior and finish of your new home.

a1 nzeb home

Success, an A1 nZEB Energy Rating.

This home is now an A1 (energy usage less than 6 kWhrs/m2/year & CO” less than 3 kgs/m2/year). This was achieved by simply upgrading a standard HONE Heat, Power & Drive system with a normal construction specification.


This installation now makes all its own, electricity, heating, hot water & cooling. That means it has very small energy bills. This installation can be expanded at any stage to go zero bills. The great thing about a HONE system is that data can be verified.


Retrofitting existing homes or Installing in new homes is simple for HONE.



What this house has or does not have?

It does not have a heat pump
It does not have a lot of insulation, just enough
It is not airtight
It does not have any chimney
It does not have any underfloor heating (but it could) but radiators are 25% of the cost of underfloor

It leaves a lot of budget for the important stuff, fixtures and fittings, bathrooms, kitchens and furniture.

It also makes electricity to charge your electric car up to 28,000 km's a year.

hone house


What system should I choose?

HONE systems come with many different options but all this is made easy by going through a free consultation with our experts.


They will even tell you what your energy rating and bills will be (if any) before you even have to make a decision. It couldn’t be any simpler.

Why choose HONE over alternatives?

People choose a HONE system for the following reasons:


1/ They hate paying bills

2/ They like to make their own energy instead of buying it.

3/ They like making their own transport energy instead of buying petrol or diesel.

4/ They want to achieve an A1 or nZEB rated home. (new build or old retrofit)

5/ They want to avoid the EU non-ETS 2021 carbon taxes.

6/ They want very little disruption during the upgrade.

7/ They want a comfortable home surrounded by clean air.

Can you explain the construction approach?

This construction approach is one builders are very familiar with.


It is a cavity wall construction with a 150mm cavity space. This is pumped with PVA bonded bead. That is all that is done to the walls bar painting them. Roof insulation is 200mm foam and a layer of super quilt as the upstairs is fully used and hence this approach does not ingress on attic space by more than 35mm.


Whole house MHRV Ventilation system to get rid of the condensation and mould. No chimney but the home has a a full log fireplace with a true effect log fire (amazing).


A HONE system is added and that is basically it..

Why not passive or at least that approach?

Once you have HONE, you don’t need to spend thousands of euros on insulation. Insulation is expensive, causes dangerous overheating of modern homes  (Uk Government Environment Audit Committee Report – July 2018) and blocks communications, 3G/4G (Comreg Report – August 2018).


HONE produces the energy at a much lower cost than insulation without all of the problems. Of course you put in basic insulation. Insulation hits the laws of diminishing returns very quickly.

What are the cost savings?

Using HONE is the lowest cost way of achieving an A1 nZEB rated home and having comfort. This installation would be significantly cheaper than installing a Heat Pump and that is before considering the fuel costs.


A huge advantage of HONE is that it frees up the restrictions on regulations so much that your Architect has much more freedom on the design of your home.