HONE is the World's most powerful Renewable Energy Technology...

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What We Do? Taking the fossil fuel out of energy.

Process Heating

Using advanced nanotechnology to create large volumes of free high temperature heat.

Hyper Cooling

Using advanced nanotechnology to create large volumes of free cooling using heat.


Using advanced nanotechnology to create large volumes of free potable water from the sea.


Using advanced nanotechnology to create large volumes of free electricity from heat and daylight.


Using advanced nanotechnology to create water and hydrogen processes..

Development and Testing

The testing and development of new processes and methods to create new applications.

Who we are

About Photonomi Global Group a.r.l.

HONE is the premium energy product brand owned by the Photonomi Global Group a.r.l. Photonomi is headquartered at 25 Canada Square in Canary Wharf in London, England with operations around the world notably in USA, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany and China.


The Photonomi Group through its research investments in the UK & Germany invents, manufactures and deploys solutions that address, some of the world’s toughest challenges, with 100 percent of its IP, products, services and technologies devoted to food, water and energy sustainability. (FEWS) Collaborating with industrial and intellectual partners, government, non-governmental organizations, and other companies, we serve customers in the residential and commercial, industrial, infrastructure, and energy sectors.


The Photonomi Group is a privately held Corporation along with its group companies, investments and assets which are owned and overseen by the group company directors. This is a key part of their personal ambition to invest in creating technological solutions to enhance and improve global social challenges in food, energy & water sustainability.


Corporate Website: www.photonomi.com

In addition to our nanotechnology application (HONE) to deliver Zero Carbon Heat, Power & Transport in one solution maximising resources within buildings and communities our Lab is developing other advanced free energy nanotechnologies such as Hyper Cooling, Electricity Generation using cold water and advanced nanotechnology, Amplified de-salination water Systems and many more new ground breaking, nano-science based technologies.


We are currently developing Commercial & Utility Scale food production resource technologies in the areas of cooling, refrigeration, water treatment and power. These applications will focus on integrating with areas in Dairy, Agriculture and Food Processing. Also in development currently is advanced Utility daylight powered desalination technology which will provide both the Energy & Desalination technology in one single plant. It is envisaged these plants will be in regions which currently use large amounts of Energy to create desalinated water in existing facilities. These plants will not require any grid connection.


The fuel required for all these applications is daylight only, designed to reduce kersosene, gas and electrical consumption significantly. This provides a very stable predefined finance model and return on investment with zero fuel costs through the project life.

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