The future of Heating is a bottle of water ?

The future of Heating is a bottle of water ?

“The future of Heating is a bottle of water”

You would be forgiven for thinking that the future of heating our buildings is with electricity in recent times, but the arrival of nZEB building standards in the EU means heat pumps no longer meet new renewable energy requirements.

However not to worry. It may surprise you that a bottle of water is all you will need to heat your home within 5 years.

Renewable heating on site will deliver a large amount of the heating energy first but you will need a backup to go with it.

The solution will be in a variety of boilers using H2 (Hydrogen) and there are many about to come onto the market but the one that has us excited the most is the one we are involved in. The main difference with this boiler is that it is not just a hydrogen gas boiler but it actually makes the hydrogen as well in real-time.

It is called a H2 Revolution Boiler.

It looks like a standard wall mounted gas boiler but it is really cool in how it operates.

It uses onsite renewable electricity to make hydrogen internally in real-time which feeds the boiler which makes heat. This means you have NO gas storage required either.

H2 Boilers can heat with flame or catalyst and are really simple low cost devices just like existing gas boilers with typical temperatures of 300C. (hotter than gas boilers)

These boilers are 100% renewable, you’ll have clean air outside your house and the only fuel you will use is water and your own homemade electricity to create the hydrogen in the boiler.

The process is as follows:

1/ You add water to the boiler, (a day/week/month’s worth)

2/ The inbuilt electrolyser makes hydrogen in real time.

3/ This is consumed by the boiler in real time and can be flame or non-flame (catalyst). There is no storage of hydrogen required.

4/ This then acts like your existing gas or oil boiler running your existing heating systems controlled by your smart phone.

5/ By using your own on-site renewable electricity and storage, you can have heat 24/7 and it will be all free.

So think long and hard before you start pulling all those radiators out. The upgrade for your oil and gas boiler is only around the corner and it will be inexpensive in comparison to a heat pump.

70% of the planet is covered by Hydrogen, it is number 1 on the periodic table of the elements. It is the most abundant material in the universe.

In addition to that, you may even be making your own Hydrogen for your car soon…

Picture: Richard Bruton TD, Minister for Communications, Climate Change & Environment test driving one of the HONE Hydrogen car fleet during a trip to Europe’s best energy rated home (powered by HONE).


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