Nanotechnology is really powerful free energy source

Nanotechnology is really powerful free energy source

Nanotechnology is only around for 25 years, and has already had massive impacts on things we don’t even realise. Lithium Ion batteries for example only possible because of nanotechnology, so “proper” smartphones and electric cars were not possible until recently.


A HONE system uses a proprietary nanoscience developed by The Photonomi Global Group and only available in a HONE system.


Have a look below to see what that means. Date is 24th July, time is 11 am on a typical west of Ireland day, overcast and cloudy.

The screenshot below shows the performance of HONE at 84C, all from daylight. Normally homes have to pay for oil, gas or electricity to create their hot water or heating, but this house is using free daylight via a HONE system falling through the cloud cover and is achieving temperatures higher than a boiler.

The screenshot below is the live heat engine verify screen where you can verify the exact COP and KW performance in real-time all day every day. No promises or percentages of this or that, just real proof and it comes with your system. Below you can see at the time of this shot, the COP was 1:449 and producing 6.2 KW always on heat which is equivalent to a 24 KW oil or gas boiler in normal mode.

Even looking back over the last few days, this home, regardless of weather is 100% self sufficient on thermal energy for night heating & hot water, whatever it needed. Today it shows the HONE system hit a high of 91C at 11:20am in this overcast cloudy weather. The data also shows the hot water temperature in the home never dropped below 65C.

The homes electricity production is all a private grid so it produces 100% of all the electricity it uses. By 9 am its digital battery system was refilled after any night-time use and gone into idle mode by 8:40 am. This HONE electricity system is a load sensing and following system. It operates just like the national grid. It will stay off until it senses demand and will immediately reract to that demand and produce electricity. It does all of this automatically.

HONE systems are unlike other renewable systems, we produce real live data and document them historically in real-time, no other renewable technology does this to this level.

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