HONE versus Heat-Pumps

HONE versus Heat-Pumps



One of the great advantages of upgrading your home is that it can be planned accurately based on the technical data of your actual home. This can be done before you actually spend any money, and it exposes which upgrades can give you a poor return on your investment. This applies to either new build or retrofit projects.

At HONE, we will only progress an enquiry based on this step being at the heart of any interaction. We provide this service completely free. This means we can show you what benefits can be achieved across your whole energy rating; including many areas we do not have any involvement. Our engineering consultancy team are there to provide advice on a total solution.

Here is a chart of a selection of weekly projects below from our Irish Team. You will notice that Heat-Pumps are now being promoted heavily by all EU Government’s. This is due to EU non-ETS fines on all EU Government’s from Dec 31st, 2021 on the use of fossil fuel (petrol, diesel, kerosene, gas, coal, etc). Hence they are desperate to move people to electric heating & electric cars. (see separate post on this).

The ideal alternative to fossil fuel heat & power is a HONE installation which only uses energy from daylight and is the most powerful certified renewable technology globally (see that post separately) easily excels over Heat-Pumps. But to be fair, this should not be surprising, the Carnot cycle and Heat-Pumps themselves are products on the market since 1863, it is a old form of electric heating system and needs replacing every 10 to 12 years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heat_pump

HONE can deliver A1’s all day long at a far lower cost than using Electric Heating systems (Heat-pumps)

A sample from the HONE project’s below from our Irish Team, in nearly every case of both new build and retrofit regardless of age, a HONE installation was able to improve the energy rating to not only A1 but also meeting the new EU NZEB (Near Zero Energy Build) standard.

Heatpump comparison

Here is HONE in action below. This was taken in Co Mayo, Ireland which has the lowest available light levels worldwide.

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