HONE COP & KW Ratings

HONE COP & KW Ratings


HONE is a unique technology in that it only uses Daylight as a fuel source. HONE is a technology developed in the 21st century (the current century). Although HONE makes electricity, what makes it unique is the ability to make very high temperature heating & cooling as well.

There has been very few renewable heating technologies ever developed historically. The existing ones are Heat-pumps, a form of electric heating around since the 1860’s and solar thermal, around since the 1890’s and based on a science phenomenon called the greenhouse effect discovered around 1820.

HONE as a new breakthrough technology in the last 15 years is doing things differently. We want to demonstrate and evidence performance as the renewable industry and, in particular the renewable heating industry have historically been vague about performance.

For example, it is very simple to measure the efficiency and COP of a heat-pump in real-time, so you would expect that would be a standard option with one. Not so and that speaks volumes.

HONE comes with all types of telemetry as standard so every type of customer or project can see their data in real-time. This is part of our proof not promises policy.

Below is a typical example of a HONE Heat Verify screen which allows you to verify the real-time COP and KW output of your HONE system when it is in production.

HONE Heat Engine

Screengrab No 1

If you look at the screen above, you can see core data sets.

  • T1 – Outer Core Temp = 94.9C

  • T2 – Inner Core Temp = 70.6C

  • Hot Water Temp = 87C

  • Heating Water Temp = 85.3C

To work out the COP and KW output in real-time, we use the energy chart for your system.


The instructions are easy to follow, first confirm the system is running by checking flow. Then take Temp T1 and subtract Temp T2 = Delta. In the Screengrab no 1 example above the calculation is as follows.

94.8 – 70.6 = 24.2 (Delta)

Looking up the chart, we can see that the DELTA of 24C gives us a real-time performance of 6.7KW and a COP of 1:486.

What this means is that you have an equivalency of an oil boiler constantly running at 6.7KW. As Oil/Gas boilers run intermittently but HONE is always on and FREE as it uses NO fuel, it would be an the equivalent of 3 times and this would mean an oil or gas boiler of 20KW would be equivalent.

Why not test it out on a LIVE Verify Screen right now, CLICK THIS LINK.  (may take 10 secs to load)

Note, this is a system in GMT time zone and Verify only works when the system is operational, i.e. when there is daylight (but you knew that).

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