Europe’s Best Energy Rated NZEB Home

Europe’s Best Energy Rated NZEB Home



This is Europe’s Best Government Certified Energy NZEB Rated Home.

It is located in Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo, Ireland.

  • Energy consumption kWhr/m2/year = (minus) – 159.56.

  • CO2 Emissions kgCO2/m2/year      = (minus)   – 28.45.

This original E1 Energy Rated house has been upgraded with a HONE Heat, Power & Drive System and displaces the original kerosene, electricity supply and petrol used in the cars. Otherwise the house is pretty much a standard 1995 to 2005 Irish building regulations methodology. It still has its original walls, windows and doors untouched.

This house is Government (SEAI) accredited and exceeds the new 2021 EU NZEB Building Standard by 7 steps. (A1+++++++)

It has a better energy rating than the best passive houses and specialist houses ever built to date, hence it is much cheaper to build. It has a better building energy rating than any new build or retrofit home including the exemplar ones as demonstrated and documented on EU project databases.

This house is not airtight, has standard 100 mm cavity wall construction with no additional insulation on the inside but does one fundamental thing differently. It makes all its own energy. It is a comfortable warm normal home with no energy bills. It was also very easy and quick to upgrade without any disruption to the people living within.

It makes all its own energy, i.e. electricity, heating, hot water, cooling and provides up to 150,000 km’s of energy to run up to 4 electric vehicles which would even be ideal for a hungry Tesla electric vehicle which needs high speed charging.

This home has high speed 22 KW charge points that are 7 times quicker than standard home charge points, 1 hour charging instead of 7 hours.


  • # This is Ireland’s BEST Energy Rated Home.

  • # This is the BEST Energy rated Home in Europe.

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