The Scottish Government’s plan for zero carbon buildings by 2050

The Scottish Government’s plan for zero carbon buildings by 2050

Energy Efficient Scotland: Route Map

What is it?


The Scottish Government’s plan for ensuring warmer, greener, more energy efficient homes by 2040. It aims for near zero carbon buildings wherever feasible by 2050.


What does it say?


The route map focuses on two main objectives: removing energy efficiency as a driver of fuel poverty, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficient buildings and decarbonisation of heat. Targets include:

  • 35% of domestic buildings to be supplied by low carbon technologies by 2032

  • 15% reduction in homes’ heating demand by 2032, via building fabric improvements

  • Reach EPC C for all Scottish homes by 2040 (where technically feasible and cost effective)

  • Maximise the number of social rented homes at EPC B by 2032 (to be consulted on)

Sustainable Homes’ View


The route map sets out ambitious plans for tackling emissions and fuel poverty. Proposed targets for social housing are particularly high, signalling a need for significant action in the short term that fits into a long-term plan for upgrading and building to the highest standards.


What it means for housing providers


Scottish landlords have ambitious targets to meet over the coming decades. The initial focus should be on retrofitting fuel poor and the least energy efficient homes. By carrying out deep retrofits and going beyond the minimum standards required, it is possible to future-proof stock against new and even more demanding targets, which should help prevent multiple retrofits of the same property over time



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