Photonomi Group’s Hydrogen Mission to change the world

Photonomi Group’s Hydrogen Mission to change the world

In addition to HONE’s proprietary “daylight” Nanotechnology for energy generation, we are also heavily involved in many areas of hydrogen technology.


  “Hydrogen is the most abundant raw material in the Universe. it’s all around us and even falls on our head when it rains. This doesn’t mean we should just move from oil, petrol, diesel, electricity, etc. to hydrogen, but alternatively that we should use as much free daylight as possible first and then use hydrogen as a back-up (if needed).”


Picture: One of the HONE Toyota Mirai's just before collection from Toyota Santa Monica, 801 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California.

toyota mirai hydrogen

Picture: The running gear of a Toyota Mirai - Hydrogen Electric Vehicle.

The development of HONE Nanotechnology was to compliment and allow the integration of HONE with Hydrogen vehicles. In the simplest explanation, your home, building or even factory should use as much daylight as possible to fill up electrical and thermal stores during the day. That will vary day by day and then you can then plug in your hydrogen car as backup where needed, if even needed at all. You can go 100% off-grid. If it’s a commercial building or factory, you can plug in all your guest or staff hydrogen vehicles and buy their clean electricity from them.

“Unlike plugging in electric cars to charge them up, you plug in a hydrogen car to provide power to the building. (Hydrogen cars make electricity on demand silently)”

This approach has some huge opportunities, it makes electric cars better as you can now fast charge them from your main hydrogen car or your HONE electricity system. It removes the requirement for overhead electricity wires and puts all that copper back into the market. It also removes the need for any more heating and cooling energy being delivered to buildings in the form of gas, oil or even wood. it cleans up air pollution.

“This approach completely decentralises energy and puts the control and choice of energy back into the hands of the people who consume it. The chessboard of energy has changed forever.”


Picture: A HONE staff vehicle fueling up with "fossil fuel" in Iglewood, Los Angeles.

The fundamental change with hydrogen is that the raw material is no longer the preserve of the few. You can’t make petrol or diesel at home, not because it is difficult to do, but because you need an oil well to get the raw material. With Hydrogen, this has all changed. The raw material falls on your head for free. In some countries where it rains heavy and rivers swell and sometimes flood, the hydrogen opportunity could create the next Saudi Arabia while also solving their flooding problems. Add lots of wind power and you have a unique opportunity.

“At this moment in time, the world has signed a contract to decarbonise by 2050, that’s only 31 years from now, no petrol, no diesel, no coal, no fossil fuel of any description, but this is where 100% of our base energy currently comes from. Hydrogen is the only renewable energy that can deliver TRUE CLEAN base load energy, a FUNDAMENTAL requirement to make the variability of RENEWABLE ENERGY work”

Hydrogen stations are now appearing everywhere. Strong locations are California, Japan, China, Germany, UK, in fact Hydrogen fueling is becoming the new game changing vehicle opportunity.


Picture: London Metropolitan Police, Toyota Mirai - Hydrogen Powered refueling at the Shell Station in Beaconsfield servces on the M40 - 2018..

toyota mirai london

Picture: One of our UK Toyota Mirai's refueling with Hydrogen in Rainham in Essex..

ideal home show

Picture: HONE Ireland team with their Toyota Mirai at the SEAI Energy show 2018.

minister denis naughten

Picture: Minister Denis Naughten, Ireland's Minister for Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment test driving the HONE Ireland teams Toyota Mirai in Athlone in May 2018.

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