Minister Denis Naughten test drives our Toyota fueled by water

Minister Denis Naughten test drives our Toyota fueled by water


Whilst HONE Ireland has the largest electric car fleet in Ireland, it also has the ONLY Hydrogen car fleet  in Ireland with two Toyota Mirai’s at its Irish HQ in Mayo.

Denis Naughten, Minister for Climate Action, Communications and The Environment took one of the HONE Mirai’s for a long test drive with John Quinn, Photonomi Group CEO. This is the first time a Government Minister from Ireland has been behind the wheel of a hydrogen car where the fuel source literally falls on our head as rain.

The production and use of Hydrogen as a daily fuel source is a key research and development area of Photonomi Global Group a.r.l., the owner of HONE Technology.

The hydrogen electric vehicle has a range of between 400-500km and is already on the Toyota forecourts in California, Germany and the UK. The quietness of the vehicle and how easy it is to drive are all very obvious, but it is the ability to directly replace petrol and diesel cars that makes it the most attractive.

The Minister made several videos on social media to mark the event.

The Hydrogen Electric Car! Not available here yet but it definitely will be part of our driving future. I enjoyed the test drive !!

Posted by Denis Naughten on Saturday, April 28, 2018

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