Electric Vehicles – No Compromise

Electric Vehicles – No Compromise

  More and more people are questioning how they can live sustainable lives. As a result, vehicles are now being developed with sustainable mobility in mind. In this context, EVs are more than just cars. It is proof that responsibility and driving complement one another.

Driven by a fully emission-free electric motor, EVs guarantee sustainable mobility wherever you need it. This is particularly important for city driving, where driving restrictions can apply on certain vehicles. With incredible acceleration at low speeds and from a standstill, most EVs now have an impressive range of up to 220 km. This distance covers most destinations in Ireland and makes it possible to enjoy comfortable trips without worrying about the range.

HONE can reduce your vehicle fuel costs to nothing at all. In fact, HONE Heat Power & Drive can generate enough Electricity to give you free driving for up to 28,000km per year. At current diesel prices, that distance would cost you over €2,500 per year. This is equivalent to over €25,000 per decade, even before we include inflation.

Electric Vehicles require considerably less servicing than petrol or diesel-powered cars as there are hardly any moving parts. No engine, gearbox, exhausts or filters exist. When you factor in these costs, the savings you make with an electric vehicle increase even further.



                    In every way.

  • EV’s have a higher residual value than fossil fuel vehicles, greatly reducing your cost of ownership.
  • Heavily reduced maintenance. Tires, wiper blades and brake calipers are the extent of your routine maintenance.
  • When not using your HONE Drive system to provide your electricity – your BEV is still 70% less expensive to run than an equivalent Diesel/Petrol model.
  • Battery electric vehicles/BEVs (not Hybrid models) attract 0% BIK for business users – regardless of mileage.
  • €600 newly launched grant towards the cost of your domestic charging station.


No Compromise. 

                            Luxury as standard.


  • EVs are extremely well equipped as standard, using a BMW i3 as an example:
  • The BMW i3 is equipped with the same array of standard equipment as a BMW 5 series.
  • BMW iDrive, Navigation, Bluetooth, Heated seats, 3G internet, LED headlights, BMW Connected drive, cruise control and park sensors.
  • Automatic headlights and automatic windscreen washers.
  • Pre-conditioning – remotely control the temperature of your car.
  • Remotely control the charging of your EV, using the BMW app and charging stations App.
  • Pre-set driving styles: Comfort, Eco Pro & Eco Pro + changes the dynamics and range of your BEV

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